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Case Results

  • DWI Dismissed

    DWI charges were dismissed after police found the client intoxicated in a running vehicle. Read On

  • Robbery 2nd Degree

    Client was accused of taking a wallet and punching the victim in the face when she attempted to take it back, all on video. Found not guilty at trial. Read On

  • Third DWI with Accident

    A 3rd DWI resulted in an SIS and 2 years unsupervised probation. Read On

  • Drug Trafficking

    Client was found with 150 lbs. of marijuana. Charges dismissed before trial. Read On

  • High Speed Ticket

    Punishment for speeding ticket of 119 in a 70 was reduced from 2 days jail with a conviction and points to community service and a driving class. Read On

  • Driver's License Restoration

    Client had not been able to have a driver's license for 19 years because of various legal issues. Ruth was able to clear the issues and restore driving privileges. Read On

  • Statutory Rape

    Charges were dismissed on a statutory rape with a possible 15 year prison sentence. Read On

  • Drug Sales

    Client was allegedly observed by an undercover officer selling cocaine and found to be in possession of marijuana and cocaine. Charges reduced to misdemeanor marijuana possession. Read On

  • Careless and Imprudent Driving with a CDL Dismissed

    A CDL driver was able to keep a clean record despite a C&I ticket. Read On

  • Burglary 2nd

    Facing 7 years for stealing from a construction site, client had charges reduced to a misdemeanor. Read On

  • Heroin Possession

    Client was found by a police officer passed out in the front seat of his car with heroin and drug paraphernalia on his lap. Case dismissed. Read On

  • Possession of a Controlled Substance

    Client received several possession of a controlled substance charges while on probation. Ruth was able to reduce the potential 15 year imposition of sentence to 1 month. Read On

  • DWI and Speeding

    DWI after failed field sobriety test and breath test along with 101/70 speeding ticket. DWI dropped, speeding amended to careless and imprudent. Read On

  • Drug Possession and Speeding

    Client was pulled over for speeding and found to be in possession of illegal prescription medication. Drug charges dropped. Read On

  • Leaving the Scene/Stolen Automobile

    One felony charge dismissed, one reduced to a misdemeanor after client stole a car, wrecked it and left the scene. Read On

  • Felony Stealing

    Client was charged with a class D felony after under-ringing. Charges reduced to a misdemeanor. Read On

  • Leaving the Scene/No Insurance

    All five charges resulting from an alleged leaving the scene of an accident were dropped. Read On

  • License Revocation

    Client was facing a license revocation for multiple tickets, All reduced to no point violations. Read On

  • Criminal Non-Support

    Probation, warrant and possible prison time for failure to pay child support all dismissed. Read On

  • CDL Saved

    Client was losing job after speeding ticket. Ruth was able to reduce the ticket and client kept job. Read On


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