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The Point System in Missouri

How Can You See How Many Points You Have on Your Missouri Drivers' License?

There are several ways to do this. You can call (573) 526-2407 and work your way through their automated system. Have your license number handy as you will need to enter it at some point. You can also send an email to [email protected] A third possibility, especially if you are concerned that a ticket you just got might put you over the limit into a suspension, is call traffic attorney Ruth Beerup to discuss your options. She will be able to look at your driving record online and let you know what is going on. She can also create a plan to clean up your driving record and lessen the impact of any current issues you might be facing. 

What Offenses Count as Points Against Your Missouri Drivers' License?

A full list can be found here. Some offenses stand out as 12 point violations, resulting in an instant year long revocation. These include driving while suspended or revoked, leaving the scene of an accident and felonies involving motor vehicles. Most offenses, like texting while driving, failure to signal, illegal u-turn, etc., are 2 point violations. Please note, an officer can write a separate ticket for each offense he or she observes and you can end up with enough points for a suspension with just 4 minor tickets. 

How Many Points is a Speeding Ticket?

The amount of points assessed for a speeding ticket depends on who gave you the ticket. For some reason, tickets issued by state troopers are 3 points and those written by city officers or county deputies are 2 points. Most of the time. Some counties and municipalities do not have their own traffic courts and send their citations to the state court. If these are written a certain way they will count as 3 points. It is not practical to list which jurisdictions do this, so if you have a speeding ticket and have questions about it, feel free to contact traffic attorney Ruth Beerup. 

How Many Points Does it Take to Lose Your Missouri Drivers' License?

If you get 8 or more points over an 18 month period your license will be suspended. The first time this happens it will be for 30 days, the second will be for 60 days and the third (and each one after that) will be for 90 days.

If you get 12 or more points in 12 months, 18 or more in 24 or 24 or more in 36 months your license will be revoked. This is a one year loss of driving privileges. To get your license back you will have to pay a fee, re-test and file a special form to prove that you have auto insurance.

How Long Do Points Stay on Your Driving Record?

Your record will be clean with 3 years of ticket free driving. Each year you drive without getting new points on your record the amount of points you have is reduced in the following manner: 1st year- points reduced by 1/3, 2nd year- remaining points reduced by 1/2, 3rd year- all points reduced to 0. If you serve a suspension or revocation you will have your points reduced to 4 when you are reinstated. Those points will drop in the same way. If your points drop to 0 that does not mean that your record is clean because some convictions remain on your record permanently. 



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