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How To Get Out of a Speeding Ticket in Missouri

Posted by Ruth Beerup | Mar 24, 2023 | 0 Comments

“Getting out” of a speeding ticket can mean several different things. It is very difficult to have the ticket dismissed outright. It is easier, however, to have the ticket amended to a lesser, no-point violation like parking that will not go on your driving record. 


Prosecutors are reluctant to dismiss speeding tickets, even if you hire a lawyer. Given the lack of evidence in speeding ticket cases, prosecutors must weigh your word against the police officer's. 

This balance could, theoretically, change with solid evidence. For instance, if you have a dashcam that shows you were obeying the speed limit well before the officer pulled you over, you might be able to get your ticket dismissed. The same could be true if the ticket is obviously written in the wrong speed zone. 

Even with solid evidence, you might want to hire a lawyer to represent you in court. You have every right to present your evidence to the prosecutor, and they will consider your evidence objectively; it all comes down to your confidence in taking it on by yourself. This option is not a trial. It is a negotiation with the prosecutor to have them dismiss the ticket outright. 

It is possible to have a trial for a speeding ticket. You can call the police officer to court, bring any witnesses willing to testify you were not speeding, request information about the officer's radar, and more. Most lawyers will not take this on because they know it is not very productive. The police officer will show up for court, the equipment will be up to date and calibrated, and it will be your witness's word against the officer. 

Please keep in mind: with all of the above, any evidence that you were driving faster than the posted speed limit means you are guilty of speeding. So, if the ticket is for 82 in a 60, but you prove that you were going 70, you will still be found guilty of speeding. Proving the lower speed might be helpful for a lawyer negotiating an amendment with a lower fine, but it will not get you a dismissal. 


If you want to keep the speeding ticket off your driving record, you are in luck. A lawyer specializing in traffic tickets can negotiate with the prosecutor to amend the ticket to a lesser charge. There are quite a few benefits to doing this. The process is simple and relatively inexpensive

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