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How much does it cost to hire a traffic attorney?

Posted by Ruth Beerup | Apr 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

The short answer is: it depends. Every traffic law issue has different challenges and solutions, and traffic attorneys will adjust their fees based on their assessment of those factors. Some of those factors include:

  • The exact nature of the offense. Speeding, driving while suspended, and careless and imprudent driving charges all require different approaches, and there are even a wide variety of circumstances within those charges that can change the cost. Speeding 41 in a 30 is a whole different ballgame than 107 in a 60.
  • The jurisdiction where the offense occurred. Every courthouse has its own procedures affecting how much an attorney charges to handle a case. Some have streamlined operations and prosecutors who are easy to work with; others are notoriously difficult to get anything done in.   
  • The status of the case. If you have missed a court date, let a ticket go warrant, or have a hold on your license, you have caused extra work for the attorney. Extra work means extra fees. 
  • Your driving record. Prosecutors are hesitant to amend tickets when drivers have bad driving records. A traffic attorney will have to work harder to get a good resolution. You know what that means: extra fees.

As you can see from this short, non-exhaustive list, giving an exact price for a traffic attorney without knowing the details of a case is, at best, misguided. Any price provided in such a situation would be subject to so many qualifiers and revisions that it would be useless. The only way to get an accurate quote is to call a traffic attorney, explain your situation, and have them give you a quote. 

How does an attorney determine what they will charge?

The most significant variable in the cost of hiring a traffic attorney is how much time it will take them to fix your issue. You are, in a sense, paying an hourly fee for the time an attorney spends on your case. To be more precise, since most traffic lawyers collect their fees upfront, you are paying for the amount of time the attorney anticipates it will take, including an assessment of any complexities that might arise. 

For example, if you have a warrant, the attorney will have to submit paperwork to the court to get it recalled.  They will then have to monitor the status of the recall to make sure it goes through or appear in court before the Judge to argue for the recall. You have committed the lawyer to spend time each day on your case. If you have an extremely high-speed ticket, there is a significant chance that the negotiations with the prosecutor will be difficult and may even require multiple in-person appearances by the attorney. 

How about a ballpark figure?

Keeping in mind all the variables above, a general starting price for hiring a traffic lawyer for a simple speeding ticket is around $150. Any complications will add a moderate amount to the fee. But wait, you might say, what about those ads I see talking about fixing speeding tickets for well under $100? Give them a call. Do me a favor, though: hold them to the price. If they tell you your ticket will be more, for whatever reason, don't let them get away with it. Give me a call. I won't fix your traffic ticket for $19.99, but I will be completely upfront about the process and the fees. Most of the time, especially with complicated cases, I charge a very competitive price. A lot of people calling around for prices end their search with me. Call me to see if I can end your search.

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