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Will Work For You to the Very End

I had an old traffic violation in the late '90's. Years later I needed a lawyer to petition the court and it ended up being a bigger deal today than it was 20 years ago. Ruth was professional and went above and beyond at every stage to help make this happen. When she found out my court date was moved to a later date, she went to the courthouse, spoke with the judge, called the prosecutor, and got it done the very next day, and because I live out of town and it was difficult to travel, she was able to get an entire hearing conducted and successfully litigated over the phone (under oath, and with the Judge, prosecutor, and my defense attorney, Ruth in a virtual courtroom). The judge and prosecutor were absolutely wonderful and very accommodating as well; most likely because Ruth made them aware of the circumstances of the past and how things have changed over so many years. She took the time to talk about every concern, even on weekends and after hours. I'm more than impressed and would recommend Ruth Beerup as an attorney whether it's a traffic ticket or anything more serious. She'll not only work with you, but FOR you to the very end.
Kudos, and many thanks Ruth!

– Douglas D.


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