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When I found myself unexpectedly needing some legal assistance, I had no idea who to call or what to do. Looking online, only stressed me out more, because in my area alone, there was a million different lawyers/law firms to choose from. Feeling totally overwhelmed with everything, I happened to remember that my sister had been in a similar kind of situation just a few years back, and she had a fantastic lawyer, that she would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. (even if they hadn't asked)
Ruth Beerup.
So, I didn't hesitate in making an appointment with Ruth, and after our very first conciliation, I felt totally confident putting all of my trust and faith into her hands. She then walked me through the entire process, making sure that I understood everything happening, at every step along the way. Her dedication to me, alone, has been far beyond anything that I would have ever expected from a busy attorney with 100s of other clients. Her knowledge, expertise, and confidence in the law, truly eased any and all of my worries and concerns. I'll be forever grateful to Ruth and her staff for all of their help getting me through this nightmare. And I would highly recommend her services to anyone reading this. Thank you, Ruth!

– Cathy J.


Case evaluations are free and you will always talk directly with Ruth. She can tell you exactly what charges you are facing and give you some options on how to deal with them. So, even if you don’t hire her for your case, you can still get a better understanding of your situation. Call 636-940-1111 now.