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How to Find a Missouri Traffic Lawyer

Posted by Ruth Beerup | Jan 27, 2023 | 0 Comments

Google is an amazing tool, but it doesn't always give you the results you need. At Beerup Law, we get calls daily from people unable to find the help they need with traffic law issues, especially in rural areas. This blog post is an attempt to address that problem.

The most important thing to remember is that Google probably has your location information. They will default to showing law firms in your area unless you take steps to prevent that. If your location data is turned off, you must refine your search to find what you want. 

If You Are in St. Louis or Kansas City and Need a Traffic Lawyer There

This is a best-case scenario. Nearly everything you see on the results page will be relevant, even if your location data is turned off. You can click one of the ads on top, pick a lawyer from the map (if there is one), or go to a website below the ads and map. Chances are that it will be someone that can help you.

If You Are in St. Louis or Kansas City and Need a Traffic Lawyer Somewhere Else

Many large city traffic lawyers will only take cases in the county they operate out of and the immediately surrounding counties. So, in St. Louis, you would be looking at Jefferson, Franklin, Warren, and Lincoln. Searching for “traffic lawyer” or “traffic lawyer near me” will give you results for lawyers who work in those counties. 

If you are looking for help outside those areas, refine your search. The first step is to find the town of the court handling your ticket. This should be somewhere near the top of your ticket. Next, search with the town name and either “traffic lawyer” or “speeding ticket lawyer.” 

Skip the ads. The ads will likely be for law firms near you, not where you need help. Scroll down to the map and check to make sure it is actually a map of the town you are looking for. Look at the names to the left of the map. Sometimes you will see a lawyer with traffic law in their name, particularly in larger towns like Springfield. More often, you will need to look for bold lettering that says “provides: traffic ticket litigation” or “their website mentions traffic ticket litigation.” Any of these lawyers should be able to help you. 

If You Are Not in St. Louis or Kansas City and Need a Local Traffic Attorney

You will need to search “traffic lawyer near me” and skip the ads. There are occasionally relevant ads in some outlying larger markets like Springfield, particularly with the picture ads near the top. Most often, your best bet is to scroll down to the map and look at the lawyers on the left. Anyone with traffic law in their name or highlighted in bold should be able to help you. Some of the more rural areas will not have lawyers specializing in traffic, and you might need to call regular lawyers in the area and ask if they can help. If you are having trouble, you can also check the list at the end of this blog post. 

If You Are Not in St. Louis or Kansas City and Need a Lawyer in STL or KC

No problem. Just be sure to include the city name in the search, and all the results will be relevant. Click on the ad that looks like a sane and cogent adult wrote it, and they will be able to help. 

Statewide Lawyers We Refer To

We get calls from all over the state at Beerup Law. We hate to turn people away without helping them, so we have worked to develop a list of lawyers that we know handle traffic cases across the state. 

West: Aimee Gromowsky 816-471-1114 . 

Northwest: Jesse Garrison 660-425-3131  

Northeast: Ryan Schuenke 217-222-7420

Central: Raymond Legg 573-721-3837

Rolla and surrounding counties: Thomas Moser 573-426-5100

Southeast: Trae Bertrand 573-290-2692

Springfield and surrounding areas: MRD (Matt Russell and Russell Dempsey) 417-815-3861

Joplin: Knoblock Law 417-553-4352 

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