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Ruth Beerup

If you've been accused of committing a crime or violating traffic laws, it is essential that you obtain legal support from a St. Charles attorney you trust. Ruth Beerup is a great advocate to have on your side; a talented attorney with a great track record, she boasts both the knowledge and determination needed to bring your case to a favorable close. She will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are defended. With her help, you can obtain a not guilty verdict or even a case dismissal.

Academic and Professional History:

Ruth Beerup, a successful St. Charles attorney has long demonstrated her trademark compassion and desire to bring about positive change. She has also demonstrated time and time again that she is committed to her valued community. Prior to embarking on her legal career, she attended the Saint Louis University School of Law. She obtained her Juris Doctor and quickly launched her career, going into solo practice via the Law Office of Ruth Beerup in 2000. Since then, she has handled a wide array of criminal and traffic cases, consistently garnering favorable reviews from her clients. Her law firm has an excellent reputation in St. Charles and throughout the state of Missouri.

Legal Approach: Compassionate and Proactive

From the moment you enter the Law Office of Ruth Beerup, you'll recognize just how much she cares about her clients and their families. She's received numerous positive reviews from satisfied clients, who invariably highlight her innate empathy and desire to procure positive legal outcomes. This caring nature is evident in the extreme lengths she goes to deliver satisfactory case resolutions. She will not rest until you feel confident with your case and capable of making a fresh start. Furthermore, she'll never make you feel judged or looked down upon. She respects all of her clients and is determined to uphold their rights, regardless of the criminal charges or traffic citations they face.

Ruth Beerup:

Trusted Legal Representation in St. Charles

You deserve to have a caring attorney on your side as you take on the complicated St. Charles legal system. Settle for anything less than the best and you'll risk fines, jail time, and a variety of other harsh penalties. Contact the Law Office of Ruth Beerup to learn more about your legal options.



  • Cares About Her Clients

    Ruth Really Cares About Her Clients! Ruth, Thanks for helping my son avoid jail & harsher long term consequences for the serious charges he faced.
  • My Attorney For Life

    Ms.Ruth has to be one of St.Louis Mo. best attorneys, I had a attorney before hiring Ms.Ruth and it was like night and dark. She far and behind to help and for a price you can't beat. She wasn't just trying to get paid like most, she actually cared, I'm so thankful for everything she did, she mad...
  • Always Makes Me Feel Important

    Ruth is a wonderful she makes you feel as if you are a part of her family, on numerous occasions I have had to call Ruth 2 assist me and my daughter in situations that needed immediate attention she always make me feel important to her and always seem to have time for me, never rushed or as if sh...
  • Amazing Lawyer And Even Better Human

    My expierneces with Ruth as my lawyer over the past 7 years have been nothing short of great. She is a professional, compassionate lawyer who has always had my best interest in mind. She has put her all into every one of my cases and I'm so thankful that I can always rely on her for any issues I ...
  • Great Results, Affordable

    I have hired Ruth many times for all aspects of the law with great results. She is affordable and will work out payment plans. DWI-Traffic-Misdemeanors- she has great relationships with many of the prosecuting attorneys. I have had her represent me multiple times in my probation violation with co...
  • Will Help You Thru Your Situation

    I have known Ruth for almost 10 years, she has helped me thru a lot, if you want an attorney, that knows what she is doing, and will help you thru your situation, being highly satisfied, she is the lady to call! I wouldn't imagine using anyone else!
  • Best Outcome Possible

    Ruth was there for me every step of the way. when I called, I always got a quick response. Best outcome possible. Ruth kept me out of jail, I thank you for every thing. I would recommend her to anyone.
  • Dependable and Hardworking

    Needless to say that when you need a lawyer you want someone who is dependable and hardworking. Ruth is both. She is funny and smart and will get results. I highly recommend her. Thanks For keeping me out of Jail Ruth
  • Don't Get Her Twisted

    I have used Ruth beer up 4 / 10 years she always succeeds my expectations I have never been displeased with the way she handled my cases. I would highly recommend her to my friends family and anybody reading this. My cases have been sometimes complicated and severe. I'm going through this process...
  • A Lawyer Who Cares

    Ruth is a skilled lawyer who knows the law and her way around the courthouse. Just as important as skill and experience is a lawyer who cares. Unfortunately, there are a lot of lawyers who will tell you whatever you want to hear to get into your wallet. Ruth is the type of lawyer who cares about ...
  • Fair And Honest

    She's the best! Fair and honest! She cares about her clients and will go the extra mile for you without hesitation. I highly recommend Ruth Beerup.
  • She Will Not Let You Down

    Ruth is the best! She is down to earth and truly cares about her clients.  I strongly recommend that anyone in need of a talented attorney that will fight for you until the end to choose Ruth Beerup she will not let you down!
  • Truly Cares About Your Case

    Ruth has helped with Speeding Tickets and multiple cases for my children. Recently she handled a case down in Columbia, MO- she is affordable, dependable and truly cares about your case and family. She has handled several of my sons possession charges/helped him get in rehab instead of jail- the ...
  • She Really Is Amazing

    Ruth Beerup is an astounding lawyer. Her extreme professionalism along with her generosity makes for a great experience. Ruth has been my lawyer for 7+ years now, and I don't think twice about calling anyone else for legal matters. Ruth is a caring human being who genuinely will do whatever she c...
  • Above And Beyond

    I had a probation revocation in Warrenton. The prosecutor was recommending I go to a 120 day prison treatment program. I was so scared. Ruth went above and beyond what she had to do and I ended up getting house arrest and a year added to my probation. If you've ever been in trouble in Warrenton y...
  • Made Me Feel Alot Calmer

    Ruth is amazing! Made me feel alot calmer about a bad situation. An went above an beyond what she had to do. I would an do refer her to everyone!! She takes her time an really listens!
  • Smart And Has A Passion For Her Clients

    I have hired Ruth for my son on his probation violation. My son was close to going to jail for a probation violation. She refused to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney in Saint Charles and we went to trial. She was amazing in showing that my son was not in violation of his probation. I have ...
  • Professional But Caring

    Best lawyer ever, will work to get you out of any situation. Not only professional but caring. Totally recommended !!!
  • I Trust Her As If She Was Family

    Ms. Ruth has been my lawyer for years now, I know I can always count on her to be there for me. She handles all of my speeding tickets she handles my family's speeding tickets and I'm sure one day she will be doing the same for my children. I trust her as if she was family I would refer her and h...


Case evaluations are free and you will always talk directly with Ruth. She can tell you exactly what charges you are facing and give you some options on how to deal with them. So, even if you don’t hire her for your case, you can still get a better idea of what you are facing.